A small push can be a giant leap. Hence we at Gupta Education Trust believe that it is very important to give a morale boosting push to the truly deserving candidates in the form of scholarships. There are many ways in which the scholarships have been offered to the students which will give that crucial push during their educational journeys, depending on their personal aspirations. 

Gupta Education Trust has been established in  1997 for the sole purpose of providing quality education to the economically backward section of our society. This education will equip them with all the skills required to get  placed in a good company at the end of their course. Deserving students are identified in the beginning of the course itself and are offered scholarships ranging from 20 % to 90% of their Tuition Fees.

Our college also helps students to apply for the scholarships offered by the Government Departments for socially backward communities.

Students who are interested to apply for the scholarships offered by Gupta Education Trust should submit an application along with the necessary academic certificates during the admission time before the final list is announced.

Listed below are the amounts paid to students as scholarships during the last four academic years.

Scholarships Distributed
Academic Year PUC Degree Total
2019-20 36,26,010.00 25,14,890.00 61,40,900.00
2018-19 22,88,130.00 18,84,878.00 41,73,008.00
2017-18 20,19,293.00 18,20,303.00 38,39,796.00
2016-17 15,89,100.00 16,10,563.00 31,99,663.00