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Then, once the heyoka can tell the other person’s energy has been uplifted, they can then help guide and heal that person. They “feel” what others feel and then intuitively “mirror” what that person needs to know about themselves to help them change and heal. These files are the property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, and are used in conformance with the Group’s licence. Record the pronunciation of this word in your own voice and play it to listen to how you have pronounced it. They are on good terms and seem to be good friends, although Irisu comments that Eru struggles in making others do her bidding.

Soon after, Houtarou Oreki, under a special request by his sister, former Classics Club member Tomoe Oreki, joins the club. Chitanda quickly asks for his help about her uncle Jun Sekitani after seeing Houtarou’s talent in solving mysteries. According to Eru, she heard of a particular story related to the Classics Club’s anthology from her uncle when she was still little, and she was brought to tears after listening to the story. Character- Now the true reason this anime is so enjoyable is not only because of the mysteries.But also character interaction.

First TV anime made by Kyoto Animation with a full 1080p standard in animation and post-production. Hyouka centers on Oreki Hotarou and his life in the Classic Literature Club. His mundane world is flipped upside down as they begin to solve various mysteries.

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  • Anime News Network’s Nick Creamer found that the character development reached “stunning dramatic peaks”.
  • He was part of the club during his high school years, but went missing in India for the last seven years.

The ending theme of both parts of the series was sung by Satomi Satō and Ai Kayano. The main cast includes Yuichi Nakamura, playing Oreki, and Satomi Satō playing Chitanda. The story is set in Kamiyama, a fictional city based on Honobu Yonezawa’s actual home city, Takayama. A manga adaptation, titled Hyouka and illustrated by Taskohna, started serialization in the March 2012 issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Shōnen Ace. Kadokawa Shoten published 14 tankōbon volumes from April 26, 2012 to March 25, 2022. The manga’s first twelve volumes adapted the first four novels, same as the anime series.

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Hyouka is licensed in English, however only in Malaysia, and remains unavailable in English in the rest of the world. While the protests succeeded in saving the festival duration for a short time, Jun was selected by the school’s administration as the unfortunate scapegoat and therefore he was expelled in October, after the festival ended. The reason Jun was expelled 5 months after the actual protest in June was to make sure that the students had calmed down. He is a former student of the Kamiyama High School and the missing uncle of Eru Chitanda who founded school’s Classics Club and named club’s annual anthology Hyouka. After quickly taking shelter in the bathroom of the Chitanda Residence, he decides to use the theories of Eru, Mayaka and Satoshi to form his own.

At the end of the episodes involving the movie, iirc, just before the ending credits there is the subtitled text “Why didn’t she ask EBA?” which I don’t understand. Now at this point, you might be as curious as Eru Chitanda herself or even had a thought of “watashi kininarimasu! There’s this sweeping notion that deep and action-oriented storytelling is necessary for a quality experience, but titles like Hyouka can safely disprove that line of thought.

Houtarou Oreki

On April 22, 2022, Hyouka met its 10th Anniversary, and related projects were announced. A museum for Hyouka took place in the GAMERS main store in Akihabara from May 25 to June 15, 2022. Kujibikido also partnered with Hyouka for an online lottery, providing goods to win.

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However, the most valued type of empathic archetype is known as ”Heyoka.” But, only a few can be considered Heyoka empaths. Satoshi is ready for Jumoji to strike, but when the anticipated target is passed over, he must reconsider his strategy. Tomoe gives Houtarou a copy of “A Corpse By Evening,” and Eru notices that the art style is similar to one she has seen elsewhere. Mayaka, Satoshi and Eru criticize Houtarou for ignoring Hongo’s feelings.

Signs You May Be A Heyoka Empath

The television anime series Hyouka was animated by Kyoto Animation. Honobu Yonezawa provided the source material, being the original author of Hyouka and the adaptation consultant for the anime. Yonezawa also participated in the process of producing the animation, but as he believed that it was more important for Hyouka to be a good anime than a novel, he entrusted Shoji Gatoh and the studio for most of the work. According to an interview with SakuraBlog, Yasuhiro Takemoto has volunteered to be the director for the series.

Just like most empaths, a heyoka can spot a liar from a mile away. Heyokas have an uncanny ability to tell if the vibration of a person’s words match the vibration of their emotions. Heyoka empaths often act as powerful healers, guides, counselors, and even Shamans for others. Manga is based on the character design of Futoshi Nishiya from Kyoto Animation, which was used in Hyouka, Classic Literature Club series anime adaptation.


The episode consists entirely of Chitanda and Oreki talking to each other, puzzling out a mysterious announcement to test his deductive abilities. The episode features Houtarou promising to accompany Chitanda on a visit to her uncle’s grave, two Almost Kisses, and Oreki giving a genuine smile. In episode 13, Houtarou finds the photos of Chitanda cosplaying…yeah.


Because of this, heyokas may find it hard to shut their minds off at night. They require more rest, down-time, and alone time than others. Heyokas are known for their amazing problem solving abilitiesHeyokas are excellent problem solvers and outside the box creative thinkers. Their minds work at an alarming speed, and can come up with ideas and solutions that may take hours or days for others.

During the procession, hyouka meaning enters a dream-like state where he can feel his desire for a rose-colored life emerging. He wears rose-tinted eyeglasses for a brief moment, and he is finally able to take in the full range of the vibrant colors around him. All the beautiful scenery around him is now magnified through these glasses, and yet, despite the wonders around him, Oreki still has his devoted attention to Chitanda. He ignores his breathtaking surroundings and instead focuses on trying to catch a glimpse of Chitanda’s face. Similar to the Sun, Chitanda is the source and the reason why Oreki is able to obtain those rose-tilted glasses in the first place. Someone so far away, someone he struggles to look directly towards, but also someone so vital to his life.

I remember watching the first episode and the first thing that popped into my mind was “wow, that animation is out of this world! ” No but seriously, the production quality is top notch and Kyoto Animation does not disappoint. It even includes word play illustrated in the minds of Oreki and some of the other characters during cases to depict clues in a more realistic way of telling the story.

This he meant as a message for future members of the Classics Club. Upon realizing all of that and frightened by the idea that one could be alive but dead at the same time, and unable to scream, Eru with tears remembered that this was the reason that caused her to cry many years ago. Hyouka’s story was met with favourable reviews for its approach to the everyday aspect of the slice of life genre. Many critics complimented the level of detail to even the less important characters of the story, and also for the show’s uniqueness in the mystery genre.


Their bond eventually culminates with https://1investing.in/ personally inviting Houtarou to various occasions such as her uncle’s funeral, New Year’s Day and the town’s Doll Festival, where Houtarou assumes a vital role along with Eru herself. After the festival, while walking with Eru, Houtarou imagines a scenario where he confesses his love by asking Eru whether he can handle the family business for her, and he decides not to confess because of his fear of a rose-coloured life. After telling all of this to his friends Houtarou finally figures out why Jun selected word hyouka for the Classics Club’s anthology. Hyouka means “ice cream” in English, therefore Jun made the pun of “ice cream” sounding as an English phrase “I scream”.

She is a fun and happy go girl who despite being annoying at times brings the fun and entertainment in the story. On other hand, there’s her best friend Mayaka Ibara who calls her affectionately “Chi-chan”. Mayaka is sort of the opposite of Chi-chan as she seems to be the type of girl who wants to avoid confrontations and if possible, end it as peacefully and swiftly as possible. He’s the happy guy who is carefree about life but deep down a great guy as he cares about others’ well being. With a powerful memory, he is a useful as well as a compatible partner of Oreki who balances out the cheerfulness and moody mood of the duo/club. Dull and grey life of Oreki’s first year in highschool, the story begins with an important change to his individual status quo — the joining of the school’s Classics Club, albeit out of obligation rather than choice.

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